New Album LMSW Released
LMSW - Zack Foley Quartet
Arlene's Grocery, August 30th, 2019 at 7PM

Ibeam Brooklyn, Friday, June 21

Arlene's Grocery, Wed., February 13

Ibeam Brooklyn, Friday, November 30

Arlene's Grocery, Thursday, October 25

Ibeam Brooklyn, Wednesday, September 13

Ibeam Brooklyn, Wednesday, June 14

ShapeShifter Lab, January 15

Ad Astra
Duet with Ryan Ferreira
Heavy Lettuce
Chris Tordini, bass
Ryan Ferreira, guitar
Baird Western Reunion
Devin Gray, drums
Greg Chudzik, bass
Jesse Elder, piano
Devin Gray, drums
Chris Tordini, bass
98th Street Trio
CJ Everett, drums
Frank Wagner, bass
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LMSW - Zack Foley Quartet
2018 Studio Album with Zack Foley, Jesse Elder, Chris Tordini, Devin Gray
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O John the Captive
Recorded live at the Somethin' Jazz Club in New York City, the Zack Foley Quartet reveals new inroads in their ongoing exploration of jazz harmony and rhythm through an honest and sincere approach bordering on the meditative. Guitarist Marvin Sewell joins the Quartet to expand their reach. In true bootleg manner, these recordings show a new approach into the sound of jazz to come.
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I Didn't Know What Time It Was
In this live recording at the Nuyorican in New York City, the Zack Foley Quartet explores nuances in vocal tone and rhythmic complexities that highlight surreptitious facets in classic standards as well as reveal hidden vocal landscapes yet undiscovered by contemporary jazz.
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About Zack Foley
Zack studied jazz performance at Manhattan School of Music and City College. He currently leads a handful of bands: Heavy Lettuce with Chris Tordini and Ryan Ferreira; Baird Western Reunion with Devin Gray, Greg Chudzik, and Jesse Elder; 98th Street Trio with Frank Wagner and CJ Everett. Zack is a full time social worker at a city hospital in Brooklyn. In 2013 he was ordained into the Order of Interbeing by zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.
One of the most sublime and delightful finds on New York City’s youth-infused jazz scene.
When Zack Foley performs, improvisation goes transcendental.
David Friend of Vanity Fair